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    Percussion Cymbals

    Cymbals are a modern addition to the percussion family of instruments. Cymbals are constructed of thin rounded plates of various alloys, usually copper, aluminum and tin. While the Cymbal is a modern instrument, prototypes existed made of brass in Ancient Egypt and Greece.

    There are basically four types of drum kit cymbals: Crash Cymbals, Ride Cymbals, Hi-Hat Cymbals, and Splash Cymbals. Each cymbal has a bell, at the center which produces the bulk of the sound projected, a bow, the rest of the flat surface of the cymbal and the edge, which is where you hit to get the CRASH signature of cymbal sets.

    Orchestral Cymbals are huge, in comparison to drum kit cymbals. They are the clash cymbals and they are almost always used to produce effect and military color in an orchestral setting.

    If you're looking for any type of cymbal to add to your percussion instrument collection, then you should check out eBay. You'll find the best prices on discount new and used cymbals. Once you get your stick technique down, you'll be as good as a professional.

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